Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sports Physical Therapists Offer Some Exercises for the Fall Season

Many people tend to take a break from their rigid workout programs once summer ends and the cooler fall season comes around. Layering and bundling replace bikinis and board shorts, and the drops in temperatures make it hard for most to stay committed to their nightly run schedule.

Despite these factors, however, fitness experts point to the fall season as the best time to get up and keep moving, especially because the holidays are just around the corner. If you think about it, this advice does make sense.

For many people, the difficulty to get back into shape in time for summer can be traced back to when they let up on their programs on account of the colder season. In fact, even sports physical therapists echo the sentiments of fitness experts in this regard. For them, there’s no better time to begin your new workout regimen than during fall. Read more from this blog:

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