Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Flu Shots for Employees Help Maintain Productivity in the Workplace

Workdays lost due to a common sickness like the flu, when accumulated, can have a huge effect on your business’ success. In fact, according to Society for Human Resource Management, flu causes 200 million days of decreased productivity and 75 million days of work absences all in the span of a single year. Fortunately, a simple precaution like administering flu shots for employees on-site can reduce the risks, maintain your productivity levels and avoid losses.

Flu Shots and Productivity

When an employee is sick, he or she simply does not perform at their best. Studies show that workers afflicted with the flu suffer from poor performance of even the simplest reaction-time tasks by 20 to 40 percent. Workers who aren’t performing at optimal levels tend to commit errors and be more prone to injury. This is counterproductive to any company, not to mention that it adds up to financial losses when mistakes are made.

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