Monday, July 25, 2016

Learn about the DOT Physical Exam Requirement for Truck Driving Jobs

Truck driving is one of the fastest-growing, most lucrative middle-class jobs in the country, especially in the midst of businesses recovering from the recent economic recession. Long-distance truck-driving have garnered renewed appreciation as the lifeline of the country’s economy. After all, it is thanks to this job that stores are able to replenish their stocks, and businesses are able to keep their doors open.

Truck driving, however, is a very physical-intensive job, requiring top fitness conditions for those who will get into the business. A truck driver will be confronting varied—sometimes averse—weather conditions, long drives late into the night, and dangerous roads and mountainsides. For all of these, the driver should be certified to be in the pink of health. This is why the DOT physical is a non-negotiable requirement for those looking to land a truck driving job.

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