Friday, November 18, 2016

Is It Possible to Decrease Employee Absenteeism with a Worksite Clinic?

Absenteeism can be intentional on the part of the employee, especially if the workplace is too stressful or if they want to avoid difficult coworkers or bosses. Some employees may also have personal problems or obligations outside work (such as caring for a child or an elderly family member), which compel them to take a leave.

However, in some cases, habitual absence from work is not necessarily deliberate. Some workers may be nursing injuries that have recurring effects (like back pain). Some employees may also neglect their general health, which makes them easy to catch bugs. Other times, there may be a dramatic spike in absenteeism when there is an outbreak of the flu, a viral illness, or some other contagious disease in the workplace. Read more from this blog:

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