Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Need to Implement Occupational Medicine Wellness Programs at Work

Here’s a subject that’s sure to catch some attention. According to biomechanics researchers Timothy Higham of Clemson University and Andrew Clark of the College of Charleston, moving quickly with a firm-footed stance is a more effective way to walk on a slippery floor than shuffling or moving slowly.

The researchers explain that a slow approach to a slippery surface can prevent moving the body’s center of mass forward when the foot comes in contact with the surface, which is necessary to remain stable.

“The findings can be useful in helping humans, especially older ones, make their way across surfaces that are wet, icy or oily,” said Higham. “The key to avoiding slips seems to be speed and keeping the body mass forward, slightly ahead of the ankles after the foot contacts the ground.” Read more from this blog:

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