Sunday, January 8, 2017

Employee Drug Testing and Marijuana at Work: What’s an Employer to Do?

The debate on marijuana has been going on for years. Even though the drug is now legal in some states, the debate continues to rage on. Nevertheless, one aspect of marijuana use is certainly not up for argument: the drug doesn’t belong in the workplace.

Yes, marijuana can treat a variety of diseases and conditions, but it also comes with many negative side effects, both short term (severe anxiety, forgetfulness, hallucinations, panic, lowered reaction time) and long term (decline in IQ, impaired thinking, inability to learn and perform new and complex tasks, addiction, lower life satisfaction, antisocial behavior). Clearly, none of these symptoms do the workplace any favor. This is why a random employee drug-testing policy that tests for marijuana, as well as other drugs and alcohol, is a must for all businesses. Read more from this blog:

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