Monday, June 27, 2016

3 reasons you need an onsite clinic

Having a medical clinic at your workplace probably seems too good to be true –but it’s not! In fact, you can have an onsite clinic, which is fantastic for employees and employers. U.S. HealthWorks understands the cost of employee care and loss of productivity are just a few concerns that employers have. But with the help of an onsite clinic, those worries will be all in the past.

Three great reasons for a worksite clinic are:

1. Lower costs
Providing healthcare for your employees can be rather expensive. But when it comes to an onsite clinic, costs actually go down. According to the Towers Watson 2012 Onsite Health Center Survey, this was the number two reason why employers got onsite clinics. One reason costs would be lowered is because an onsite nurse would identify a problem before it got too serious.

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