Friday, June 10, 2016

Orthopedic Specialty Care for Tennis Elbow at Work

Not just for people who play tennis Do people in your workplace often complain about their elbow hurting? Some occupations require employees to do repetitive movements with the elbow, such as continuously grip and lift heavy materials. In cases like this, an affliction may occur called tennis elbow. Although tennis elbow may sound like you play the sport it was named after often, it doesn’t mean you always get it from doing something athletic. In fact, orthopedic specialist at the Orthopedic Associates of Michigan Hand & Upper Extremity Center, Scott D. Burgess, MD, said “Most commonly, I see tennis elbow in men who do manual labor – factory workers, mechanics – people with repetitive activity associated with their occupation.” People who are doing these same movements daily at work, may be accumulating tiny tears in the tendon of the elbow.

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